7 digital marketing trends will shape the future of 2020

Digital marketing essentially means marketing through online channels or electronic media. Digital marketing is on a steep incline; most organizations have recognized the power of digital marketing and have started deploying funds. While 2019 saw a rise of omnichannel marketing, AI, chatbots, programmatic advertising, video marketing, and virtual reality. 2020 comes with its own bag of surprises and changing trends. Digital marketing is dynamic and ever-changing.

Here are a few trend predictions by industry experts that will shape the future of digital marketing in 2020.

Voice Search: – Voice search will turn out to be a key ingredient in digital marketing transformation. Presently about 31% of smartphone users worldwide are using voice-activated search. These numbers are said to increase to about 50% of users of smartphones adopting voice-activated search in 2020 making voice search one of the biggest digital marketing trends in 2020. This is why marketers must start enabling voice-based searches on their websites.

Smart Bidding in Google Ads:- Smart bidding will come up as a new benchmark for the PPC account managers. Automation is the key in today’s world. The new improvements declared at Google Marketing Live will boost the bids; provide you with the capability to pick desired conversion action at campaign level thus making sure the campaigns achieve a high conversion rate.  It will also come up with a feature to set bids to instinctively adjust when a sale starts or stops which will result in optimum conversions.

Interactive Content:- Interactive content will surpass generic content. The consumers want to actively participate with the companies and passive advertising will slowly slope down giving rise to interactive content.

Position “Zero” in Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERP):- The position ‘1’ is no longer the most attractive spot on the SERP. It has been outranked by the position ‘0’. This position ‘0’ is the featured snippet that Google launched and this will continue to grow in 2020. Marketers must optimize their SEO to appear in the position ‘0’ to get the maximum visitors to their website.

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Shoppable Posts:- Social media has come up as a multiservice platform where you can connect, trade, influence, and shop all at the same place. The reason why the shoppable post is a growing trend in 2020 is that it makes shopping all the more convenient. That’s why businesses operating on social media must start including shoppable posts.

Immersive Tech like Augmented reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR):- AR and VR are set to grow further in 2020. AR is set to break barriers and outrun VR by 2020. A few companies have already started applying AR to see what a certain item for e.g. how a pair of glasses will look on you before making a purchase. Snapchat is the first platform to take advantage of AR and even companies like IKEA, Facebook, Lenskart, etc. have started actively using AR in their websites.

Personalization:- 2020 will see a rapid rise in content personalization. In 2020 marketers will have to thoughtfully segregate customers into different groups based on their likes and dislikes and form a persona. They will have to target these groups by personalizing the type of ads and content they will like to see based on their respective persona.

To conclude, digital marketing is an ever-evolving ecosystem that is rapidly changing. All marketing activities, be it digital or traditional, need to be well integrated to attain optimum benefit. Marketers must keep up with the changing trends to target an ever-growing business in the digital sphere and gain good profits from their businesses.

Published by: cwt