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Graphic Design Trends 2024: What’s Hot in Visual Communication

It is safe to say that creative studios have been around for a long time. In fact, they originated around the same time as advertisements and branding but they continue to evolve to keep up with the changing times. What started out as mostly simple text advertisements has changed to dynamic visuals that can attract potential clients across preferred mediums of communication. 

At Tattva Creations, we understand the importance of staying ahead of the curve. Especially in terms of graphic design, it always helps to keep it fresh yet distinctive in order to ensure the maximum number of eyeballs. As expected, visual communication strategies do not stay the same year after year, which is why creative studios embrace the latest trends and ideas in order to help companies and brands stand out.  

In terms of graphic design trends, there are quite a few that seem to be taking 2024 by storm. If you want to make your visual communication prominent and have a lasting impact on the target audience then you will have to consider aligning them with the latest graphic design trends of 2024. 

7 Graphic Design Trends That You Should Know in 2024

Visual communication is all about connecting with the target audience. By hopping on graphic design trends, you are sending a clear message that the company is in tune with the latest happenings around the world and modern enough to effectively utilize the latest technology available to you. 

1. AI-enhanced Designs 

In a short span of time, AI has become the talk of the town. Now, while AI in itself can produce visuals, it cannot emulate the human connection as well as designers. But AI will still have a part to play.  

AI tools are all set to become the designer’s best friend. They can greatly reduce the amount of time spent on technical tasks such as resizing, removing backgrounds, and the like. This is helpful as designers can then focus their efforts on visualizing creative ideas that help them create appealing visuals. 

2. Inclusive Visuals 

Designers know that it is very important for everyone, irrespective of where they come from and who they love, to be represented. In the last couple of years, graphic design has become more inclusive. Now advertising and branding celebrate different races, genders, abilities, and more. This graphic design trend is likely to continue in 2024, and all companies and brands should consciously make the effort to create striking visuals that connect to all kinds of people. 

3. Nostalgia

There is a lot of fascination with vintage styles that won’t change anytime soon. Don’t believe us? Well, one look at all the visuals for the Barbie movie should be enough to convince even the biggest doubter. One of the biggest hits of 2023, the movie effectively used classic themes and elements to catch the eye of movie goers across the world. 

In 2024, it is possible that more and more designs will take inspiration from the ‘60s and ‘70s. There is something very inviting about funky patterns and florals that is bound to get heads to turn. While this graphic design trend may not make sense for all businesses to switch to vintage-heavy styles, they can still use subtle elements here and there to give visuals a nostalgic feel to appeal to target customers. 

4. Hand-drawn Artwork

Even with the rise of AI, original artwork continues to thrive. This is because people are once again recognizing the amount of effort and talent needed to create hand-drawn sketches and designs. This graphic design trend is quickly becoming a favourite among designers because it lets them add a refreshing dash of personality to their designs. Creating visuals that are distinctively different from anything that your competitor is using can give you an upper hand, and simultaneously improve your company’s reputation. 

5. 3D Designs and Textures

This is one of the easiest graphic design trends to emulate. 3D designs have been in use for a while now, but 2024 will certainly see much more of it. If you want to add more “pop” to your visual communication then this is the way to go. The best thing is that you can adapt this graphic design trend according to your choice so you can really let your creativity take the reins on this one. 

6. High Contrast

All designers like to play with colours, and everyone has their own favourite combinations. In the last year or so, it has become evident that advertisements with high contrast colours seem to have a better chance of grabbing people’s attention. 

Like with any graphic design practice, designers will need to find ways to play with bold colours without messing with the primary colour theme associated with a specific brand or product. Bright contrasting colours aren’t just there for the vibrancy, but they also help capture the bold and adventurous spirit of the company. Even high-profile companies, like Apple, have used this graphic design trend to market their products. 

7. Anti-Design

Designers don’t always like to play by all the rules, and that’s okay. There shouldn’t be a set module when it comes to visual communication. The main idea is to get the message across and sometimes that can be done by visuals that mix different elements and fonts. It is overwhelming but interesting at the same time. This graphic design trend works best for lively events such as festivals, art fairs, and more. 

Keep in mind that visual communication should not feel like a chore. It should instead be a fun way for your brand to impress your target audience with originality and creativity. And, these graphic design trends of 2024 will help you do just that.