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Activating Brands: Strategies for Successful Event Activations

After the pandemic, events have returned with a renewed vigour. This is hardly surprising as event activations allow for quality in-person interactions and open up opportunities for unfiltered feedback. Over the last decade, events have evolved to match the changing preferences of the public. But at its core, the basic goals remain the same – engage and entertain.

But it is important to note that thinking of a creative idea is just step one, there are many other factors that come into play in terms of a successful event activation. Let us take a closer look at some useful tips that can help you take your event activation strategies up a notch. 

5 Event Activation Strategies That Guarantee Success 

Tattva Creations has curated and managed multiple events, small and big, throughout its existence. We understand the finer details that go into making an event memorable and successful. Here are some event activation strategies that we think can help you organize an engaging event that checks all the right boxes. 

1. Pick a Lane: Exclusive or Inclusive 

Before you start promoting your event, you need to finalize whether you want it to be exclusive or inclusive. Each has its own strengths but do keep in mind that the choice you make should align with your end-goal. 

Exclusive events are good for when you want to cater to a VIP clientele. By limiting the number of attendees, brands can go over-and-above to offer a more luxurious experience. The main idea behind such events is to present yourself as a must-have exclusive brand. 

On the other hand, if you want to reach as many people as possible then you should take the inclusive route. This makes it easy for anyone and everyone to attend the event and get to know more about your company and the products/services you sell. 

2. Create a Hashtag

No event activation strategy should undervalue the role of social media. One of the first things that you should do before the event is to create awareness about it. Creating a hashtag can help you create the buzz you need. 

Event promotions can sometimes come across as a little sales-y. In order to avoid affecting potential customers the wrong way, use social media wisely. Post exciting updates, answer questions, and use interactive features to actually engage with users online. This way, you can get the word out there, and also ensure bigger participation numbers. 

3. Interactive Experiences are a Must

Promotion is a big part of event activations but it cannot be the only thing on the agenda. Remember that people are taking time out of their busy schedules to come attend your event which is why you need to make it worthwhile. 

There are many ways to make an event interactive and engaging. Some widely used ideas are workshops, and photo booths, among others. If you can ensure that attendees get to learn something useful while having fun, then you will have succeeded in creating an event that people won’t forget. 

4. Focus on Networking 

People like to connect and interact, and that is true in the case of event activations as well. When you are planning the event, you need to think of simple ways that can help attendees connect with the company and each other. This can be done with the help of group activities or through audience interaction sessions. When you allow your customers to mingle and bond, you can make the experience more enriching for everyone. 

5. Go Live

Even after the pandemic, the hybrid model continues to thrive. It is important to understand that not all your customers will be able to attend events in person but that shouldn’t mean they have to miss out. 

Make a point to live stream all the major highlights of the event. You can take it one step further by allowing viewers from around the world to engage in terms of questions or comments so that they can actively partake in the experience as well. This will help extend the sense of community established at the venue to all the people who are tuning in as well.

Events are fun and rewarding but they can also be time-taking and challenging which is why companies prefer to hire professionals with experience. At Tattva Creations, we can help you put together unique events that can strengthen your relationship with the current customer base as well as open up avenues for expansion. 

So, ready to take the next step?