Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM is the paid version of search engine optimization. It involves paid strategies like ads, pay-per-click, etc. Both SEO and SEM are branches of search marketing and brands deploy SEM to increase their visibility and scope. You can use SEM for quick results or brand awareness or any other goals that could be achieved by paid marketing. Also, for better results, brands often prefer a combination of organic and paid strategies.

What We Do?

At Tattva we ensure that your business gets the best possible outcome from the paid strategies. Keeping that in mind, we set out to plan and bid on the keywords that would get you a higher rank on the SERPs. This will eventually improve your website’s quality score, giving way to new leads and conversions. Here’s a brief of how we will execute the SEM strategies:

SEM Process

● Keyword Research & Analysis
● Ad Creation & Landing Page Development
● Account Setup and Tracking
● Campaign Launch and Monitoring
● Extensions Evaluation
● Target Location
● Conversion Tracking
● Quality Score Analysis

Types of Google Search Ads

● Google Display Ads
● Google Search + Display select
● Remarketing and Custom Audience Ads

Paid Campaigns

● FB Page Likes
● Instagram Profile Visits
● Engagement
● Website visit
● Conversions