National Health Mission Government of Meghalaya




Government of Meghalaya

The Brief

- Propel awareness through substantial promotion of the schemes under IEC campaign across Meghalaya (Rural & Urban)

- Promote achievements of various activities under IEC and BCC

The Action

- Multiple street plays that gave out information on the benefits of IUDs to village residents

- Generation of relatable content that was produced in easy to consume formats

- Community engagements across the North East

- Branding of health centres across the region

- Easy to implement and use communication materials

- 360 degree marketing campaign

The Idea

- A multi-level campaign that touches the beneficiaries and generates Awareness at the grassroot level

The Impact

- The effect of the campaign had a positive impact on people in 11 districts of Meghalaya

- The awareness campaign reached more than a lakh people across the state with the rural outreach program

- Successful in convincing people to start taking the vaccination