E-mail & Whatsapp Marketing

Digital Marketing has evolved with the growing technologies, most recently, it added Whatsapp marketing as one on the similar lines to Email marketing. Both Whatsapp and email marketing has high response rate according to Forbes and SendPulse with email garnering a response rate of 66% and Whatsapp gradually picking up the pace at 40% respectively. So, if you are yet to try email or Whatsapp messaging marketing, hurry up!

What We Do?

At Tattva, we boast about result-driven marketing because of our aim at building a positive ROI. Deploying email and Whatsapp in the marketing funnel gives us enough scope to direct potential customers towards the business from all the channels. Therefore, in the end, we create a win-win situation for our clients as well as their customers. The clients get enough databases of their customers and the customers get to experience a reliable product, service, business, etc.


● Remarket to a mass email database
● Ensure better delivery and best-in-industry open-rates
● High-conversion CTAs and best-fit content to help emails help in better lead


● 50%+ open rate as compared to other platforms
● Send messages in bulk to loyal customer databases using their WhatsApp
● Promote special offers and events