Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing, in simple terms, refers to an instance when a business collaborates with an influencer to promote its products and services to a wider range of audiences. Influencers are opinionated people with huge followers based on social media. People listen to them, support the influencer’s views and even follow their recommendations. Thus, in the era where social media dominates, influencer marketing would work wonders for any business when they know its target audience.

What We Do?

At Tattva, we take pride in working with some of the big names in our business journey. And thus, can confidently do the same for other businesses as well. Tattva has the skills with resources, network, and knowledge to execute influencer marketing for your brand. Moreover, our long history of Events creation and management has helped us gain:

– Connection with influencers and negotiation power
– Ideation, content creation, creative production
– Marketing strategy
– Facilitating lead generation and brand awareness