Client : Indian Army

Category : Events & Experiences

Indian Army

The Brief

  • Tasked with orchestrating the captivating opening and closing ceremonies for the 18th edition of the VrC Jintu Gogoi Memorial Football Tournament, our mission was to ensure these ceremonies were visually stunning, emotionally resonant, and contributed significantly to the tournament's overall success. This event aimed to honour the memory of Capt. Jintu Gogoi while promoting the sport of football.

The Idea

  • A Grand Tribute and Celebration : Conceptualize and execute a detailed plan encompassing everything from logistics management to venue preparation to comprehensive marketing promotions. The focus was to elevate the sport of football and immortalise Capt. Jintu Gogoi’s legacy.

The Action

  • Event Setup : Meticulously prepared the field and stage to create an impactful and engaging atmosphere.
  • Creative Studio : Developed all necessary event materials, including signages, backdrops, posters, and props, to ensure a cohesive and visually appealing event. Additionally, also produced the tournament song.
  • Public Relations and Media : Strategically managed PR and media coverage to maximise visibility and engagement.
  • Logistics Management : Coordinated transportation, equipment availability, and other logistics to ensure seamless execution of the event.

The Impact

  • Unique and Memorable Event : Successfully organised the tournament in Duliajan, marking a first for such a large-scale event in this tier-II city.
  • Impressive Attendance : Achieved a remarkable footfall of 15,000 attendees, showcasing the event’s widespread appeal and success.
  • Emotional Resonance : Delivered a powerful event that honoured and immortalised Capt. Jintu Gogoi, evoking deep respect and admiration for his sacrifice among attendees.