Events and Activations

To complement marketing activities various events like Trade Shows, Entertainment gigs and Exhibitions are an effective way for companies and organisations to reach out to a larger audience and personalise through a ground experience.

Tattva provides Events & Activation Services that enable your brand to get closer to consumers without having to worry about managing the event.

Corporate Events

Corporate events management service

We are experts on delivering a comprehensive list of corporate event management services straight from ideating for impact and creative process to event management and logistics. An engaging event requires a mix of creativity, marketing knowhow, smart ideas and that is what we focus on..


The team at Tattva supervises and coordinates the strategic, operational and logistical activities necessary for conducting conferences. We offer a wide range of services that include budgeting, selecting the event site, fabrication, lights/ sounds etc.

Conference event management service

Product Launches

Product launch service

Product Launch events are specifically designed to achieve the purpose of creating awareness and publicity for a particular brand or its product. With our expertise, we help the brands introduce their products into the marketplace and help in generating a big buzz about the brand/ product.

Trade Shows

Time and again, Trade Shows and Expos are one of the verticals where companies in specific industries can demonstrate and show their products, services, study the market and examine recent trends. We ideate and curate trade shows where varied clients can come and participate; all the while providing them with the needed Logistical and Operational assistance.

Trade shows management service

Bring your audience together

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